Tampa Bay Dream Center


The Tampa Bay Dream Center ("TBDC") provides clothing assistance to men, women and children on Sunday. They also provide food assistance to families on Sunday. TBDC is approved for community service through the Salvation Army and the Department of Corrections. In addition, assistance with writing resumes and child and young adult mentoring program are offered by the facility.

Contact information

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 5285
Tampa, FL 33675-3675

Website: www.tbdreamcenter.com

Phone: (813) 318-0771

Email: TBDreamCenter@aol.com

Organization details

EIN: 593699995

CEO/President: Mr. Bill Craver

Chairman: Mr. Bill Craver

Board size: 10

Founder: Mr. Bill Craver

Year founded: 2000

Tax deductible: Yes

Fiscal year end: 06/30

Member of ECFA: No

Member of ECFA since:


The Tampa Bay Dream Center ("TBDC") is an organization whose focus is help rebuild communities for Christ. Doing this involves many different aspects of ministry. To reach communities there are many age and belief boundaries that have to be crossed. Here is how the Dream Center takes back a community:

"1. The communities in the inner city have to know that we care. Because of this, the Holy Spirit has given us a strategy for each individual of our community. We have made a covenant to each person. People find that we are serious because of our commitment to move into their surroundings. The young men of the Dream Center new mission is to move into different parts of the inner city to take back the city one neighbor at a time. After moving into an area and capturing the attention of our new neighbors, we start to reach out to the individual. 2. Less fortunate children are reached with fun. Weekly block parties win the trust and smiles of children in the area. During the eight-month of the Ybor block party, over 200 children have received Christ. Now on Saturdays, children are praying for us as we pray for them. After getting to know theses children, we visit them weekly for tutoring, food, and birthday presents. 3. The families of the inner city are reached after the children are loved. When the parents see "Jesus" written with face paint on their child's forehead and a young visitor with a gift knocking on their door each week, families are being healed. After these families find this love, restoration of their homes, thus beatifying the neighborhood, takes place. People from all over come to the Dream Center for mission trips and one of the missions is to support these families as they reach for a better life. 4. God has shown us that the elderly of the inner city are one of the most forgotten people groups in our country because they are behind closed doors that no one opens. From family theft, to being unable to get out of their homes, elderly are lonely and hungry through out Tampa's inner city. We provide over 100 elderly people with food and companionship each day. They not only receive a hot meal, but a person's love. We make sure that daily conversations are spoken between the missionary and the person reached. After doing this, the elderly much prefer a warm smile before a warm meal.

When this happens, the drugs are eliminated. Due to the Holy Spirit invading the land, dealers come to Christ or move out of the neighborhood. When this happens, the families of the community are able to take back authority as we move to another community."

Mission statement

Tampa Bay Dream Center uses the following to express its mission:

We are young, and we are poor. We have led imperfect lives. We are not worthy. But we are chosen. Chosen to lead nations. Chosen to carry out the business of Almighty God. Here is what we say to that: "We make a covenant to each other to always Stand together, to always uphold one another. We will honor our leaders. We will serve, laugh, and cry together." This is our covenant among each other.

"We make a covenant to God. We will learn all that we are taught here. We will crave God's heart each day. We will become men and women of Righteousness in the midst of immorality. We will stay pure and make hard decisions. In everything we do, we will do our best. We will not settle for less."

This is our covenant made in honor of Jesus our Savior. "We will never give up or turn back. We are an army. We will fight even if everyone else flees. We say these things On our honor. It is a covenant never to break, though it lasts a lifetime. We are not respecters of time. Whatever it takes, it takes. Long nights, early mornings. We will stand on a promise Made before God. This is our covenant."

"We make an oath to this vast city. It is our covenant to each person, Building, and spirit that dwells here. We will not leave this area Until every hungry man is fed, Every naked man is clothed, And every broken soul is healed. We are in the business of soul winning, And until there is no grain left to harvest, We WILL NOT stop harvesting." This is our covenant to the land; This is our promise before God.

Join with us and become a Dream Maker, Dream Team

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Program accomplishments

Accomplishments for Fiscal Year Ending 12/31/2002

  • Started a tutoring center for at risk youth.
  • Expanded their scope of outreach to a total of three inner city communities.
  • Expanded their youth camps from 200 to 600.

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