Project PATCH


Project PATCH (Planned Assistance for Troubled Children) began as the dream of Tom and Bonnie Sanford. At its inception in 1984, PATCH was a foster home referral program. Since 1990 it has been dedicated to providing a Christian therapeutic program for youth-at-risk. Through the generosity of many people who shared the Sanford's dream, the Project PATCH Ranch came into existence.

Project PATCH Ranch is a licensed treatment facility for youth aged twelve to seventeen. Thirty to thirty-five residents are served by a dedicated staff of more than forty.

Contact information

Mailing address:
2404-A East Mill Plain Blvd
Vancouver, WA 98661-8661


Phone: (360) 690-8495


Organization details

EIN: 930929618

CEO/President: Mr Sam Lefore

Chairman: Mr. Harlan Gephart

Board size: 13

Founder: Mr. Tom Sanford

Year founded: 1984

Tax deductible: Yes

Fiscal year end: 12/31

Member of ECFA: No

Member of ECFA since:


Project PATCH (Planned Assistance for Troubled Children) is passionately committed to reaching out to at-risk young people throughout the United States and Canada to help them realize their self worth and potential, as well as the significance of God's love to them.

The Project PATCH Ranch is licensed to provide 40 young people with therapeutic treatment. The average stay to complete the four levels and graduate is eighteen months. A wilderness-oriented experience which emphasizes cause and effect, is an integral part of the therapeutic program. Individual and group counseling, education, recreation, group activities and work opportunities are provided for the young people to succeed and grow in a stable caring family-like environment.

PATCH's qualified staff is set up on a one to three ratio, child to adult. This small ratio allows personal time with each young person. Their interactions, work performance, attitude; everything is subject to guidance, correction and comments throughout the entire day. This counseling process assists the young person in moving towards healthier habits, behaviors and thinking. It involves mentoring through consultation, advice, and guidance from the staff member.

The PATCH staff is a great team. There is twenty-seven dormitory staff that is available to the young people and there is staff awake twenty-four hours a day. Four full time treatment therapists comprise the Project PATCH counseling team.

Mission statement

Project PATCH uses the following to express its mission:

Project PATCH is passionately committed to reaching out to young people throughout the United States and Canada who are at risk and help them realize their self-worth, potential and significance of God's love to them.

Statement of faith

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In 1984 Tom and Bonnie Sanford, who at that time were pastoring in Hood River, Oregon, founded Project PATCH. The Sanford's had dealt with delinquent, unwanted young people since shortly after their marriage in 1966. Because of their involvement in providing alternatives to at-risk youth, Hood River County, Oregon, invited Tom to serve on their newly formed Juvenile Services Commission. The Commission's objective was to develop an alternative resource to detention.Tom and Bonnie were asked to pilot one of the first jail alternative measures for juveniles in the state of Oregon. In 18 months they housed over 120 young people in their home. Tom was later asked to serve as chairman of the Juvenile Services Commission. By 1982 they recognized a growing need of many young people from all walks of life needing Christian alternatives for placement.

In January of 1984, Tom, Bonnie, and a supportive congregation officially launched Project PATCH. As Tom puts it, "It was like a baby being born. After so long in gestation it just had to start."

PATCH's original goal was to provide Christian foster homes for youth at risk. The object was to match the interests of a child with families of similar interest. The success and changes in young people were incredible.

As the need to place youth escalated and it became increasingly difficult to find enough foster homes, the PATCH Board of Directors began to pray for a place to house young people. In 1989 a gift of 116 acres along with a purchase of an adjacent 53 acres provided that option. In 1991 construction began on its dorms and lodge. Through the blessing of Maranatha Volunteers International plus many youth groups around the Northwest, Project PATCH Ranch has developed into a very impressive and modern campus.

Program accomplishments

    Accomplishments for Fiscal Year Ending 12/31/2002

  • Forty-nine kids have been helped by our program this year and twenty-two have completed the program.
  • We have been donated 500 acres of property in Goldendale, WA where we plan to build a further facility.
  • Eighteen employees were certified by Wilderness First Responder and received a certificate for Wilderness Medicine. Three of them received Emergency Medical Technicians certification.