Becket Fund for Religious Liberty


Becket is a non-profit, public interest legal and educational institution. We are the leaders in the fight for religious liberty and the only law firm that defends all religious beliefs.

Contact information

Mailing address:
Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
1200 New Hampshire Ave
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036


Phone: 202-955-0095


Organization details

EIN: 521858532

CEO/President: William P. Mumma

Chairman: William P. Mumma

Board size: 13

Founder: Kevin "Seamus" Hasson

Year founded: 1994

Tax deductible: Yes

Fiscal year end: 09/30

Member of ECFA: No

Member of ECFA since:


Becket defends religious liberty for all-in principle and in practice. At Becket, we know that religious liberty is a universal human right. Our cases span a wide range of beliefs and practices, but all share a common vision of a world where freedom of exercise and expression is a protected right, free from government reach. With this vision as our goal, we take cases that will set strong and lasting precedent for all faiths-and we win.

Mission statement

Our mission is to protect the expression of all faiths, from A to Z-Anglican to Zoroastrian. Becket was founded on a simple principle: that because the religious impulse is natural to human beings, religious expression is natural to human culture. We advance this principle in three arenas-the court of law, the court of public opinion, and the academy-both at home and abroad.

Statement of faith

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Other changes in net assets$0$0$0$0$0
Total change in net assets$606,796$86,429$687,820$463,516$80,085


Kyle Duncan$271,533
Kristina Arriaga de Bucholz$192,880
Eric Baxter$189,298
Eric Rassbach$166,639
Luke Goodrich$166,187
Eric Kniffin$144,759

Compensation data as of: 9/30/2013

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Since its founding in 1994, Becket's record shows it is the only law firm that defends religious liberty for all faiths.

For 25 years, Becket has become the premier religious liberty law firm and the only non-profit, public-interest legal and educational institute that protects the free expression of all religious traditions.

In 1994, founder Kevin "Seamus" Hasson left a top D.C. law firm and opened Becket in Washington, D.C. Since then, Becket has grown into a vibrant law firm that has national and international reach. Though certainly not the largest, it is widely regarded-across political and religious lines-as the best religious liberty law firm in the United States. Since its founding, Becket has maintained an average 85% win rate in its cases.

Becket's principal work has always been First Amendment litigation, not only on behalf of people of faith against the government, but also in defense of the government when it is sued for being religion-friendly. The firm files most of its lawsuits in federal court, but beginning in 2004, it started filing suits before international tribunals under international law. Most of its academic work is accomplished under the umbrella of the Becket Institute, which was founded at St. Hugh's College of Oxford University in 1997.

Becket is named after Thomas Becket (1118-70 AD), who stood resolutely at the intersection of church and state. As a friend of King Henry II, Becket served as Chancellor of England and oversaw the laws of the kingdom. But as Archbishop of Canterbury, he steadfastly refused to allow the King to interfere in the affairs of the Church and was martyred by the King's knights for defending the principles of religious liberty.

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