Screens and Parameters

The BRII database provides information on 12 broad screens comprising 70 individual parameters:

CategoryDescriptionRating1Failure period2
Abortion3 (10 parameters)
ContributorContributes to abortion activist organization25 years
DistributorWholesale or retail distributor of abortifacients (excluding Emergency Contraceptives and RU-486)11 year
Emergency Contraceptive DistributorWholesale or retail distributor of Emergency Contraceptives21 year
Emergency Contraceptive ManufacturerDevelops/manufactures Emergency Contraceptives 31 year
Hospital/Surgical CenterPerforms elective abortions (surgical or medical)31 year
InsurerInsures elective abortions (surgical or medical)31 year
Insurer RequiredDue to government requirements, insures elective abortions (surgical or medical)21 year
ManufacturerDevelops/manufactures abortifacients or products utilized in the abortion process (excluding Emergency Contraceptives and RU-486)31 year
RU-486 DistributorWholesale or retail distributor of RU-48621 year
RU-486 ManufacturerDevelops/manufactures RU-48631 year
Alcohol (2 parameters)
DistributorWholesale distributor of alcohol31 year
ManufacturerManufactures alcohol31 year
Anti-Family Activity (4 parameters)
Entertainment AdvertiserAdvertises on TV programs that have the most violence, offensive language, sexual content11 year
Entertainment Gay FocusProduces, distributes media content (TV, radio, print, Internet, etc.) with an exclusively gay focus21 year
Entertainment Producer/DistributorProduces/distributes TV programs, movies, videos with violence, offensive language, sexual content (including nudity but not hard core pornography)31 year
Political AdvocateEngaged in active political support and advocacy for anti-family initiatives (excluding LGBT initiatives)25 years
Bioethics (2 parameters)
CloningEngaged in reproductive or therapeutic cloning, embryo harvesting, and related activities31 year
Stem CellEngaged in human embryonic stem cell or aborted human fetal tissue production, research, and related services31 year
Contraceptives (1 parameter)
ManufacturerManufactures contraceptives (excluding abortifacients, Emergency Contraceptives and RU-486)11 year
Gaming (8 parameters)
Betting ShopOwns/operates betting shop31 year
BingoOwns/operates bingo gambling31 year
CasinoOwns/operates casino31 year
InternetOwns/operates Internet, interactive TV, mobile phone gambling31 year
LotteryOwns/operates lottery31 year
ManufacturerManufactures gaming equipment or software31 year
MiscellaneousOperates electronic gaming devices in non-gaming locations; operates card rooms; produces gaming TV programming; provides consulting, payment processing and other services to the gambling industry31 year
Pari-mutuelOwns/operates race track, sports wagering/spread betting31 year
Human Rights (5 parameters)
ArmamentsProvides military equipment and/or weapons products, systems, or technology to terrorist sponsoring nation35-10 years4
Dangerous NationConducts business with terrorist sponsoring nation33 years
Oppressive RegimeConducts business with country that mistreats its people31 year (or 3)
Sudan OtherCompanies with business activity in Sudan, excluding oil exploration and production operations31 year (or 3)
Sudan PetroleumCompanies with oil exploration, production operations in Sudan31 year (or 3)
Low-Income Financial Services (9 parameters)
Auto Title LenderProvides automobile title loan/pawn lending services31 year
Buy Here/Pay Here Car LenderProvides on-site-used-car-lot high interest loans31 year
Check CasherProvides high fee check cashing services21 year
MiscellaneousEngages in discriminatory lending, provides products or services exclusively or primarily to exploitive businesses, engages in other exploitive activity31 year
Money TransferProvides high fee money transfer services21 year
Pawn ShopOwns/operates pawn shop21 year
Pay Day LoanProvides pay day loans31 year
Refund Anticipation LoanProvides refund anticipation loans31 year
Rent To OwnOwns/operates rent-to-own business31 year
Non-Married Lifestyles (16 parameters)
Advertiser - ActiveUses gay/lesbian themes in ads; advertises on exclusively gay TV or radio channel or network21 year
Advertiser - PassiveAdvertises in gay/lesbian magazines using mainstream ads11 year
AwardsReceived award from LGBT activist organization for supporting advancement of LGBT initiatives13 years
ContributorContributes to gay/lesbian activist organization25 years
Domestic Partner BenefitsProvides medical coverage to employees' domestic partners11 year (or 100)
Diversity TrainingIncludes sexual orientation and/or gender identity in employee diversity training11 year (or 100)
Employees GroupHas a gay/lesbian employees group11 year (or 100)
Equality IndexMade a perfect score on the most recent HRC Corp. Equality Index21 year
Gender IdentityIncludes gender identity in non-discrimination policy statement11 year (or 100)
Most ActiveMost active promoter of the gay/lesbian lifestyle (based on other Non-Married failures)31 year
Non-discrimination PolicyIncludes sexual orientation in non-discrimination policy statement01 year (or 100)
Political AdvocateEngaged in active political support and advocacy for LGBT initiatives25 years
SponsorSponsors gay/lesbian events21 year
Supplier DiversityIncludes gay/lesbian businesses in supplier diversity program21 year (or 100)
TrailblazerWas the first to embrace new LGBT initiatives3100 years
Transgender BenefitsProvides surgical reconstruction for transgender employees (a.k.a. sex reassignment surgery)21 year (or 100)
Pornography5 (5 parameters)
AdvertiserAdvertises in pornographic magazines11 year
Cabaret OperatorOwns, operates, licenses "adult" clubs31 year
DistributorDistributes pornography (excluding via Internet) (Includes any form of porn: film, print, audio, etc.)21 year
InternetEngaged in any form of Internet porn activity (Includes Internet porn distribution, production, web hosting, advertising, referrals, partnerships/network arrangements, consulting, payment processing, etc.)31 year
ProducerProduces pornography (excluding Internet porn) (Includes any form of porn: film, print, audio, etc.)31 year
Positive Activity (6 parameters)
AwardsReceived recognition/award for philanthropy, governance ethics, citizenship, management, other exemplary activity03 years
Christian OrientationHas distinct Christian orientation and/or Christian management/board of directors01 year
Corporate ChaplainProvides corporate chaplain to employees02 years
Entertainment AdvertiserAdvertises on the most family-friendly TV programs01 year
Entertainment Producer/DistributorProduces/distributes family-friendly TV shows, movies, videos01 year
Good StewardEmbraces numerous Christians principles0100 years or until removed
Tobacco (2 parameters)
DistributorWholesale distributor of tobacco31 year
ManufacturerManufactures tobacco products31 year

1. Each parameter has been given a rating on a scale of 0 to 3, with 3 as the most severe. Clients are free to assign their own ratings to parameters or to disregard ratings altogether. BRII uses the ratings information to arrive at an overall numeric score for a company. The overall company score is merely one tool we use when comparing companies and is not used by itself to determine a company's suitability for investment.

2. Failure periods vary from one parameter to another based upon a variety of factors (e.g., the nature of the activity and the type and availability of confirmation sources). As well, several parameters, themselves, have varying failure periods depending upon the failure confirmation source used. Note also that 100 year failure periods are given, in general, when selected parameters that relate to fixed corporate policies are confirmed on the basis of a primary source. In the unlikely event that a company policy does change, our ordinary research process will discover this information.

3. BRII defines an elective abortion as either a surgical or medical abortion that is performed under any circumstances, except when the mother's life is threatened by continuing the pregnancy.

4. A company will fail HR-A initially for five years. A review of the situation may result in extending the failure period for an additional five years.

5. BRII defines pornography as material that includes nudity and/or graphic sexual content for the purpose of sexual arousal. Also included is material that has been altered by pixelization or other means and that otherwise would depict nudity and graphic sexual content.