Subscribe to the BRII Database

There are several ways in which clients can access BRII's data.

Purchase an online BRII database subscription
With the database subscription, subscribers manually search for the security on the BRII web site database. (You can enter up to 20 tickers at a time, each ticker separated by a comma.) As well, the screening criteria are established. It incorporates all of our screens and parameters and does not provide for customized screening. Results come in two formats:

For individuals and retail investment advisors, the online database subscription fee is $1,000/year. (Members of Kingdom Advisors and National Association of Christian Financial Consultants receive a discounted fee of $900/year.)

If you are interested in proceeding with an online database subscription, our next step would be to send you a contract, which you would need to sign and return with payment. Upon receipt of payment you would be issued database login information.

Hire BRII to conduct portfolio screening services for you
At this level of service you can customize both your screening criteria and your reports. You will also have access to our online BRII database.

Advisors often request quarterly reports, though some require data on a monthly basis while others only annually. The most frequent requests we receive are for any combination of the following reports:

  • Exclusion List - Based upon your customized screening criteria, this is a list of companies, organized alphabetically, that should not be owned.

  • Screened Parameter Report - Based upon your customized screening criteria, this is a list of companies, organized by screens and parameters, that should not be owned.

  • Additions and Deletions to the Exclusion List - The spreadsheet shows companies that have been added to or deleted from the exclusion list since the previous exclusion list was generated.

  • Core Holdings/Portfolio Audit - You provide us with a list of your holdings, which we then review. We identify any holdings that are in violation of your screening criteria.

  • (We can provide you with an exclusion list at the outset, so that objectionable stocks are not purchased in the first place. Then we continue to monitor your holdings to ensure continued compliance with your screening criteria.)

  • "Clean" List - Based upon your customized screening criteria, this is a list of companies that are suitable for investment.

Other report requests include the two reports that are available via an online subscription (see above):

Fees for customization vary depending on several factors:

  • The services we provide, in particular the type and frequency of reports (which affect the time required on our end)

  • What the revenue stream is for your Biblically Responsible Investing product and how new your product offering is

Thus, we would need to obtain additional information from you before we could determine the fee.

If you wish to proceed with customized screening services, we would need to determine your screening criteria, as well as the types and frequency of reports. It is not unusual for clients to have questions about individual parameters once they seriously look over our list of screens and parameters. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and assist you in this process.

Once your screening criteria are established we would send you a contract, which you would need to sign and return with payment.

Utilize Stewardship Partners
Rusty Leonard, who owns BRII, is founder and CEO of Stewardship Partners, an investment management firm. Rusty incorporates BRII information in his stock selection process. So if you are interested in biblically based professional investment services, you can check Stewardship Partners' web site or contact Cathy Goddard. Her contact info is as follows:

Phone: (800) 930-6949 x705

For information on subscribing to the BRII database, please complete the contact form below and click Send. We will contact you with further information about our services.